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Pilates teacher Svetla Archard is leaning against a blue foam roller and smiling at the camera.

My name is Svetla Archard and I am a Pilates specialist

Throughout my career, I have helped numerous people to improve their lives, from professional athletes and dancers to children and individuals with mobility limitations. I am passionate about what I do and strive to create a personalised experience for each of my clients.


When I first tried Pilates, I thought to myself - this is the solution for anyone who wants to train their body to serve them longer.


To me, Pilates is intelligent fitness. With a well-structured program, we can achieve maximum results with minimal expenditure of mental and physical energy.

Why I chose Pilates?

I had the opportunity to learn Pilates from big names in this art. This changed my attitude towards training completely. In my classes, I use the Alexander Technique of movement, exercises to prevent and recover from sport injuries and different stretching methods.


I decided to share my knowledge and experience all over the world.


I am Bulgarian and created an online club called Fitness Evolution especially for Bulgarians - to share more than 20 years of experience with people with different fitness levels, opportunities and goals.


I live and work in Wales and I love surfing.


But what warms me the most are the stories of people who say:


 "Svetla, you changed my life!"

Advanced Pilates Teacher Level 4


Advanced Personal Trainer Level 4


Sports Injury therapist


Alexander Technique Teacher Training Special Population


Strength Training and Nutrition


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