​June 62,
Since I started Pilates three months ago, I have noticed that I am generally stronger and find  it much easier to walk uphill.
Svetla is a committed teacher and her enthusiasm for Pilates is inspirating!

Jeanette 35,
After having a baby, I put on a lot of weight and became really unfit. I found about that there was a Pilates Class at my Community Centre, so I decided to give it a go. I didn't know what to expect but had heart that it was a low impact sport. After my first session I immediately felt my hips were much looser and that  I could really stride  out walking home. The next day my stomach and thighs ached, but it was good because I knew my muscles had worked.

I have now been doing Pilates once a week for about 6 months, I have lost weight and my shape has changed  dramatically! Now I have a waist!!!

The teacher Svetla is brilliant and has helped me devize a fitness plan for optimum weight loss.


I would recommend that anyone should give Pilates a try!

Ann 55,
After my first Pilates session with Svetla I couldn't wait to go again, and although I have only been to 2 sessions I am already feeling the benefit myself and also with my bad back which has been troublesome for few years. Svetla makes the sessions fit all ages and all levels of fitness!"

Gaynor, 46
" Can't believe it how many movements and posture have improved in such a little  time!!! I would recommend Pilates to people of ALL AGES! "

I.Heldred, 35
" Pilates is a great form of exercise! Since joining I have noticed a great improvement in my muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Svetla  the instructor is friendly and welcoming. She really helps you to do the exercises correctly to achieve the best results and  she also dedicated to her profession! This shows through her teaching. "

​Gloria, 66
" Retiring at 65, after spending 25 years of my working life behind  a desk, I started  Pilates, and after just four classes, I already feel an improvement in my flexibility."

Pamela, 49
" Really enjoy Pilates classes! You use all your core muscles without jumping around getting all out of breath! So it is very suitable for all ages! You will be surprices how quickly you progress at each class! "

Kay, 53
" Since suffering hip, back and knee problems for many years and with limited help from NHS,  I decided to try to help myself as much as possible by taking up  Pilates.  4 months  later I have begun to experience positive changes to my balance, mobility, strength, and posture which in turn has given me more confidence and no longer fell the need to protect my joints because they are becoming stronger and more flexible!

Mandy, 50
" I started Pilates at the Ringland  Community Center. Our  tutor Svetla is very helpful and show you how to breath when doing exercise. Pilates has helped me be flexible and tone my body up and use muscles that I've forgotten about! Wow, I am enjoying Pilates so much! I try to go twice a week. It's fun and you don't get bored of it! This class helps me have  and distress from say to day life no nagging children! Only joking! "

Carol, 75​
When I finished the class I was so tired I wondered how I was going to get to the bus stop to go home and how I was going to walk up the hill when I got off the bus. When I did get off the bus and start to walk up the hill I felt so relaxed I couldn't believe it! I felt fine the rest of the day -  no aches or pains but the next morning my posterior ached and my hips, but by lunchtime I was fine!

Lorna, 53
I never thought that I would like  Pilates as I always  like to do aerobic exrcises and thought Pilates to be boring!
Friends from work was talking about Pilates and how good it was . They asked me to come and try it. I  thought .....but I know I'm  not going to like it??? After trying the class  was great! I  really like it! I surprised myself! I loved the stretches and how you need to breath correctly to do these exercises.  After two classes I could feel my stomack muscles I haven't felt them for years!!! It also helps to distress you and your posture is so much better!
I'm hooked on Pilates now!!!

Lorraine, 63
Pilates is very good! I really enjoyed it and felt as though I'd had a really good workout. I haven't done much in the way of exercise since the mid 80's and although I felt as though my muscles had  turned to a jelly and was a bit stiff for a few days afterwords, I could still feel improved strength after ONE SESSION!

Svetla is a brilliant trainer and though I know I have a long way to go I feel it's doing me a lot of good and shall keep UP!

Brenda, 71
When I went to my first Pilates class I didn't  really  know what to expect, but it was relaxed, friendly and enjoyable!  Some of the moves were  a real challenge but first timers were encouraged to take it gently and do only they could manage. And we had  a few laughs while we tried. After the class I felt fine, but the next day muscles I had not used before  ached and this lasted for several days. However my back was no longer so stiff and this was a real bonus!


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