My First Pilates Class

S V E T L A Sun Pilates provides a 'mat workout'


This is done on the floor with a minimum of equipment. The 'mat' workout is a great way to explore all the fundamental movements and Pilates exercise principles for people with ANY level of fitness.

What to bring to a Pilates Class?

The Community Centers will supply most of the equipment. You do not need to bring a mat unless you feel more at ease with your own. Also please bring a bottle of water as it is important to be well hydrated at all the times when exercising.

What to wear to Class?


​CLOTHES - Make sure your clothes are comfortable and allow you to stretch. Avoid baggy clothes as some exercises could be a bit revealing if your cloths are too loose. My advice is to keep it simple and see what you feel comfortable with. 

​FOOTWEAR - Pilates is traditionally done barefoot, so no footwear is needed. If you have never had time for your feet before, now is the time to pamper them. Before your first class you could polish your toenails, so that you feel beautiful while working out.

ACCESSORIES - Avoid any accessories. Long necklace's, belts, dangling bracelets and such could not only be distracting, but could be dangerous if they caught up in equipment.

HAIR - Hair needs to be away from the face and tied back if it is long

​PERFUMES AND DEODORANTS - Many people are sensitive to perfumes and strongly scented deodorants, so I would request that students refrain from wearing strong scents in the studio.

​PREPARATION - It is not recommended to eat at about two hours before your class starts. As the principle aim of the exercises is to create core strength, you would not feel comfortable performing with full stomach.



That's It, ENJOY !!!

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