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What Are Essential oils ?

Essential oils have been known since the beginning of time. They were used to improve health and wellness, relive symptoms and help people feel better after illnesses.
Since medicine became focused on drugs, prescribing “ a pill for every ill”, essential oils lost some of their popularity.

Essential oils are natural compounds extracted from plants, seeds, bark, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. The oils capture the plant’s scent and flavour or “essence” of their source. They can be used individually or blended for maximum benefits. 

My Story 

My first experience with essential oils was almost 2 years ago when I knew almost nothing about them. To me, they were just “smelly things” that made me feel well.

My husband was recovering from recent heart attack and was recommended  a local meditation/mindful therapy class. Sadly ( or luckily I should say) it didn’t work on him. In fact, it made him feel even worse - more stressed, more anxious and more frustrated. Then he met a qualified nurse and she gave him  hope and explained mindfulness is not only meditation, he could beat the stress using aroma therapy. It didn’t take long, we had a plan for action - essential oils!
The diffusers were established in our living room and the bedroom. It was like magical steam - they were running day and night! Soon we realised  the quality was important. There was a difference between the oils we used - some lasted longer, some smelled more like perfumes and had no effect. The cheaper the oil was , the easier they blocked up  our diffusers. We start searching for good quality oils and that was difficult and quite disappointing at the same time - we spent money hoping ‘thats the one’ but it wasn’t until this summer that became true. 

I was in Bulgaria ( my home country ) and by a pure fortunate accident I met Dani and Sava, friends of mine, lovely couple who lived in USA! I’ve heard they were working for dōTERRA , company that makes oils. To me that was just another name of ‘natural oils’ on the market.
We had a quick chat about the oils. I couldn’t stay any longer as mosquitos were eating me alive! Dani felt so sorry for me and gave me little bottle and said’ try this’. It was a miracle - till the end of the night I didn’t have even a single bite! They had one more day before they left back to USA and I asked to meet and talk again about the oils. I wanted to know more, that stuff was incredible! There was no secret, just a product that contained pure oils! Exactly what I was looking for! I dare to say that day changed mine and my family lives! 

Why dōTERRA?

dōTERRA essential oils are distilated from experienced growers from all over the world. The plants are picked at the perfect moment and carefully distillated for the best extract composition and efficacy. Each dōTERRA essential oil is thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade quality protocol. No need to be an experienced oil user to recognise immediately the superior quality. Behind each dōTERRA products stands experienced distillers, modern technology and lots of science. 

Why start with oils?

Because they are the bridge to natural health. Oils themselves are tiny molecules, that carry beneficial ingredients to the cells. They are carriers of various nutrients to the cells in the body that aid natural healing. They do not heal by themselves, but can interact with your body in many ways. Applied on the skin or inhaling the aromas, essential oils stimulate areas of the limbic system - part of the brain responsible for emotions, behaviour, even involved in forming memories. That explains why familiar smells can trigger memories or emotions.

New to the oils?

You may be new to the essential oils or might bought your kit a while ago but never touched it, because you didn’t know how to use it? you might heard about “the oils”, but they are so many? It could be confusing if you are a beginner. 
dōTERRA offers beginners kit three most popular oils and here is some ideas how to use them.

Lemon oil - it is taken from the peel of the lemon and has variety of uses. It has cleansing properties, air pollution, Anxiety, Depression, Sluggish Digestion, Oily  Hair, Hangovers, Stress, Throat Infection, Uplifting and improves mood. Because of its extreme quality it can be used
 internally  - with glass of water or add to your favourite deserts and food to boost the flavour  
topically  - apply directly on the skin
aromatically - just few drops in a diffuser to promote uplifting environment.

Lavender - has been used for centuries and has countless applications - used in cosmetics and perfumes, helps you relax, relieves occasional sleeplessness, sunburns, mosquitos repellent, vertigo, wounds. Lavender from dōTERRA can be applied directly to skin, diffuse or inhale to reduce feeling of stress and anxiousness or taken internally 1-2 drops in capsules.

Peppermint - has been used to smooth digestion difficulties since Ancient Egyptian times. Peppermint oil freshen breath, relieve colic, gas, headaches, but also can help for asthma, bronchitis, fever, depression, fatigue, food poisoning, liver problems.
Dilute one drop in 1 tsp honey or add to your glass of water, inhale for a non-stimulant, invigorating pick-me up and long drives or diffuse during study-time. Apply topically to relieve feelings of tension or repel bugs naturally.

When buying essential oils it is very important to find out if the oils are potent and pure. The way the oils are made is important. Essential oils obtained through chemical processes are not considered true oils. 
dōTERRA’s mission is to share the life enhancing benefits of the highest quality essential oils. In order to guarantee their quality, each batch of oils goes through CPTG protocol. This protocol contains series of strict essential oils tests that monitor purity and potency of the oils. Once the oils pass the CPTG protocol, then they are qualified to be sold.

How to buy dōTERRA oils/products at the best possible price?

There is a vast difference in the price if you buy dōTERRA products as a retail customer, dōTERRA Wholesale Member or sign up with an Enrolment kit.
To discuss the best option for you or interested to learn more about the oils, which one is good for you, member of your family, close friend, simply contact me - message me, email me, meet me.
I am so exited to share my knowledge and experience with you and will love to assist you in your choice of dōTERRA products.
dōTERRA has changed mine and my family's lives completely! All it takes is a little training and encouragement and that’s why I am HERE.


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