Why 1-2-1 Pilates?
Because we are all different, one to one training is the ideal way to study Pilates. As a qualified Pilates Specialist, I can make a full assessment of your current abilities and design a programme that will be modified to meet your specific needs then I will work with you to build on your strength as well as your weaknesses.

Do I have to be fit to do Pilates?
Absolutely not! Pilates is suitable for almost everyone, from the high performance athlete to people with a range of health problems.

Where and when can I do 1-2-1 Pilates?

Covid 19 (Coronavirus) has changed the way 1-2-1 sessions now work. Unfortunately I cannot offer the same in house service as I did before, due to the regulations in place by the UK Government. But thanks to these regulations, a new opportunity has arisen.  The popular Zoom software, used for video conferencing, allows us to work together through the power of the internet. The lessons can be done at a time to suit you, and in the comfort of your own home. 

Can I do it with a friend?​

Unfortunately , in the current climate, it is best not to do sessions with a friend from another household. But if you are from the same household, then yes you can do shared session. 


How often should I do Personal Pilates?

It is completely up to you and will depend on your budget, the time you are available, and your current fitness program.

Some clients enjoy training three times a week while others find that one session a week fits perfectly into their lifestyle.

How much does Personal Pilates cost?

Personal Pilates sessions cost more that general classes, but my clients feel that an hour of intense individual attention, from a highly qualified teacher, is worth paying a little extra for!
                                           One to one          

SINGLE SESSION                     £35                         
COURSE OF 4 SESSIONS         £130     

SHARED SESSION                   £50         

All lessons will be done over Zoom, so an internet connection is required and a device that streams live video, such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. A link will be sent to you via email once the lesson is arranged, and you simply use the link to join the lesson at the pre-arranged time.             

How can I get started?

If you would like to discuss your individual requirements or have any further questions, you can contact me either by email or mobile.

Email:   pilates@sunpilates.co.uk
Mobile: 07584 044 674

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